Calcium Cavern

The environment of the mouth and its bacteria can be understood as an aquatic cavern. The bacteria, simultaneously exposed to the harsh outer world when the lips open, and a deep, dark, nurturing one inside the throat, have adapted to a variety of conditions.

Digital Painting, 32" x 18"

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The bacteria here are like the plants growing between the toothy rocks of the mouth, feeding on the nutrients washed their way by our saliva when we eat. Just as plants compete for sunlight, bacteria also compete for our food. Bacteria such as Streptococcus salivarius are likely to keep our breath smelling good when they are not smothered by the weeds of other bacterial species.

Digital Painting, 16" x 9"

Some of the bacteria here can cause tooth and gum decay, rotting away the stalactites around them, but some of the organisms living here are essential. They help us break down our food, giving us access to the energy from meals the same way plants use sunlight and provide us with oxygen. Every meal you eat is one you share with the bacteria in your mouth, an interspecies communion between humans and microorganisms. 

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Digital Painting, 16" x 9"