A Day in the Life Icons


These icons were created as part of a challenge to design 20 items representative of my daily routine. The icons were designed to be stylistically harmonious in color and shape language. I chose the colors as a nod to my personal clothing color palette and in keeping with color harmony, using a version of the red/green and yellow/purple complimentary color system.

The icons above relate to my morning routine as well as hygiene practices I follow throughout the day, including showering, changing clothes, brushing my hair, and brushing my teeth.

These icons relate to my professional life including the commute to and from work, monitoring a print service lab, teaching students, attending my own classes, maintaining mindfulness throughout the day, and creating my personal and professional digital art.

These icons show my nightly routine ranging from maintaining a social life with friends, family, and my partner, to tending to household chores, to spending time with my pets, to taking a few moments to relax and meditate before going to bed.

EPA Icons


The following icons were an exploration in rebranding for a graphic design course I attended. I explored the idea of representing some of the different regulatory sectors the Environmental Protection Agency supervises. The color language speaks to the original EPA organizational icon while tapping into cultural ideas about environmentalism. The shape language was designed to be friendly and approachable since regulatory bodies frequently have a bad public reputation.

epa for web_edited_edited_edited.png