Journey Through the Human Heart

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Journey Through the Human Heart is a book created in partnership with the Northeast Louisiana Children's Museum in Monroe, Louisiana. The book was designed to be something children could take home after they experienced a walk through tour of an inflatable model of a human heart. A team of science educators and visual artists worked together to realize the book. I incorporated my knowledge of biology and designed the illustrations as clear, communicative vector images. The typesetting and graphic design was handled by Cecile Foster; we worked closely to integrate the look and feel of the text and images with each other.

Inside the Book

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The first section of the book dispels preconceptions the children reading the book may have and explains the left / right reversal seen in anatomical diagrams and throughout the rest of the booklet.

During the creation of the book, I focused on making the illustrations summarize the main idea of the page's text at a glance, since the book is geared toward children across a variety of ages visiting the museum and some may not engage with the text as much as the visuals. Additionally, we knew adults would likely be reading the book with children and created some elements of complexity for their benefit. The QR code on this page gives information that could prove novel to children and adults alike.

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The main next section of the book explores the exterior portions of the heart with vector illustrations and strategic graphic design. Each part of the heart was assigned a color which was used as the background color for the page dedicated to that part of the heart. The assigned color was also used to highlight the name and location of the part of heart in question.

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After the section on the exterior parts of the heart is a series of pages regarding the interior parts of the heart. The same technique of color assignments used in the previous section was also used in this section. The specific parts highlighted in this section correspond to the grade level expectations of the age group for which the book was designed.

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Throughout the book, there are several activities for children to complete in order to help them integrate the knowledge gained by reading the previous pages. In this example on the left, the color of the lines provide hints as to the correct answer by linking back to the assigned color system used throughout the book.

At the end of the book, there is a section devoted to the pronunciation of the anatomical terms in the book. The color of the pronunciation guides matches the color used to highlight the part of the heart in the main section of the book.

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